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Blue Moon Event Management Services Founded in 2007 at Sultante of Oman, Blue Moon Events is one of the foremost, award-winning event management and marketing agencies in Oman. Known for its path breaking events and competency standards that gives the industry a benchmark to measure excellence in event management standards in the country, Blue Moon Events has successfully handled over 50 events, encompassing media and business conferences, product launches, entertainment events, management seminars, international press events, theatrical events, live musical concerts, sporting occasions and many more. Right from conceptualising the theme to putting together the content and the overall design, Blue Moon Events manages your entire event from start to finish, making it an unforgettable experience.

We bring the best of cultural, entertainment and corporate events to Oman. We believe in being thoroughly professional in our approach and pay special attention to every details of the events we are involved in to ensure that the entire experience is enjoyable. We offer an end-to-end package which includes the creative design at your event covering all aspects: venue selection, event conceptualization, designing, décor & setup, print production, entertainment, media & advertising including electronic media.

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